The need for man to communicate and live telepathically, and to use ESP-skills, is becoming more pressing in the face of modern-day extraterrestrial (father), interpersonal (son) and intergenerational (holy spirit) challenges. We don’t seem to be using our internal worlds – the ones that set us apart from animals – to find ways that would retrieve these forgotten, primitive skills. Surely, our non-stop media use acquits us of any internal world of volitional attention (Ribot) and makes the residual, non-technology human more like primitive man. But will all go well if we allow the volition of our internal worlds to be completely obliterated? This book researches whether and how the retrieval of primitive man might lead to the rebirth of primitive ESP-skills. Following Arthur Young, it asks the question of why we should care about science at all if it does not help us to attain these skills.


The Bodymind as Psicopter House Copyright © 2015 by Peter Blank. All Rights Reserved.


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